male waxing

At Beauty & The Soul we are honoured to be able to help you with all your male waxing needs. However, from personal experience, we know how embarrassing it can be trying to explain what you want and trying to get a quote for that, so we have written this guide to help you out!

Facial Waxing

Eyebrows - £12

Using wax and tweezers to shape and tidy the brows

Nostrils - £9 (coming soon)

All hair removed from lower part of nostrils

Ears - £10 (coming soon)

Inside and Out

Ears, Brows and Nostrils - £23 (coming soon)

As above but all in one appointment

No Beard Wax - £40

Hair removed from moustache, chin, jawline, cheek line and neckline

Beard Wax – cheeks only - £8

Want to define the sharp edge of your beard? This is for you!

Beard Wax – Neckline - £13

Remove all hair from the neck, leaving a sharp neck line for your beard.

Full Neck - £20

To remove all dark hair from the front and back of neck, defining beard.

Hairline - £18

Sharpen up hair cuts using wax to create strong lines, back only.

Upper Body Waxing

Underarms - £12

Remove hair from armpits

Forearm - £14

Includes elbows and hands

Full Arm - £21

Includes elbows and hands (not underarms)

Hands - £10

Backs of hands and fingers

Small of Back - £10

Hollow above bottom, triangle

Full Back - £22

From shoulders to the top of the bottom

Full Back, Shoulders and Neck - £26

Includes the neck and shoulder (not hairline)

Chest - £20

From shoulders to abdominal area

Stomach - £20

Abdominal area only

Chest and Stomach £35

All of front including shoulders

Chest, Stomach, Back, Shoulders and Neck - £50

From back waistband, up over the shoulders and down to front waistband

Lower Body Waxing

Lower Legs - £29

Includes knees and feet

Full Leg - £38

Whole leg including feet

Feet & Toes Only - £12

All hair to ankles

Male Intimate Waxing – coming soon

The Everything! - £95

Full Back, Full Chest, Full Stomach, Sack, Penis, Pubic Triangle, Groin, Crack, Buttocks – literally all your hair from your torso!

Almost Everything - £75

Full Back, Sack, Penis, Pubic Triangle, Groin, Crack, Buttocks – as above but not the chest or stomach.

BSC - £60

Pubic Triangle, Sack, Penis, Groin, Crack, Buttocks

Speedo Line - £16

Crease of Leg only so you can wear Speedos with no hairs poking out.


Waxing – all you need to know and do!

Please arrive to your appointments clean and smelling fresh! We reserve the right to cancel your appointment if we have concerns regarding hygiene and you would lose your deposit! 

Please wear clothes that are loose fitting and be aware that we apply oil post treatment, it shouldn’t but could stain. Avoid clothes that you would be devastated to lose!

If you want to wear vests, underwear, thongs etc during treatment, we will work round them, however we have seen it all – big or small. For intimate waxing bare is best. The salon is warm and comfortable, and we supply towels to protect your modesty.

Treatment times vary, depending on the areas, but expect to be with us for at least an hour.

We are pulling hair from the roots, so let’s be honest – it stings a bit. The best way to avoid real pain is to make sure your hair is around half an inch – 1.5cms. If its longer it will hurt more, so trim it, if its shorter we may not get it all, however no need to get your ruler out – this is a rough guide!

Following treatment please don’t use deodorants and products, avoid sun beds, really hot showers or baths, swimming pools, sweating, saunas and spas for 24 hours!

Use a dry body brush after 2 days to exfoliate before a shower. Then exfoliate twice a week until your hair has fully grown back. When you get out of the shower, and are still wet, rub baby oil over the waxed area. Dry with your towel as normal. This will help to prevent ingrowing hairs, however some people are prone to them and they cant be avoided. 

Results vary, but you should see minimal growth for 3 weeks. However, hair grows on a 4 week cycle and it wont be until your 4th or 5th treatment that you will see growth really slow down. This treatment is amazing and is definitely worth sticking with!

Please leave 5 weeks between treatments!