lip fillers

What is it?

We use a Hyapen (which uses air pressure) to administer filler to the lips instead of needles. We use Revolax Deep as our choice of dermal filler due to its quality and results but other brands may be requested. It is a hyaluronic acid and it gives the client a fuller lip. This treatment can be used to even out un-even lips or to just increase the volume overall. 

What to expect?

Some clients find the no needle lip fillers pain free, if you're not one of the lucky ones then don't worry! We apply a topical anaesthetic to make sure you're comfortable! You should expect some swelling which usually subsides within 24 to 48 hours. Bruising can occur so be prepared for that. If you want your lips done for a special occasion we recommend having treatment 1 to 2 weeks before! 

Who can be treated?

Most people are suitable for hyapen lip fillers providing they are in good health, but a full consultation will be completed before hand. 

How often is the treatment required?

Most fillers last around 4-6 months but will vary from client to client. Most people will have them topped up every 6 to 12 months but depends upon their budget and the 'look' they want to achieve. 

Benefits of the treatment

A nice fuller pout, without the use of needles! 

What should I do before and after treatment?

No alcohol for 48hrs before and after treatment. There is no down time and normal activities can resume quickly. 


1ml of Revolax £150