Hyapen - No needle - fat dissolving

What is it?

Hyapen lipolysis (Fat Dissolving) is a revolutionary technique that can dissolve pockets of stubborn fat. It reduces stubborn areas of fat and cellulite without the need for liposuction or surgery.  Specialised products such as Aqualyx are administered to the treatment area using air pressure instead of needles. Ultrasonic cavitation is then done to help break down the cell membrane and massage the product in and around the fat cells to enhance the treatment. The fat cells are destroyed and then will leave the body as waste. 

What to expect?

A grid is drawn on the treatment area with squares 1-2cm apart.  Product is administered into each square. A stinging sensation can usually be felt and it varies from client to client. The initial sensation subsides quickly, lasting only a few seconds. The majority of clients are left with red, raised marks which only last 24 to 48 hours.  Swelling and bruising can occur but is usually mild, and doesn't last too long.  

Who can be treated?

Most clients are suitable for this treatment providing they are in good health. It isn't to be used as a weight loss solution, but most areas of the body can be treated. Any area of fat that can't be burned off with diet and exercise is ideal for this treatment. 

How often is the treatment required?

The number of treatments required will vary depending on the client and area being treated. The procedure can be repeated every 3 or more weeks and most clients have 3 to 5 sessions to reach their desired results. 

Benefits of the treatment

Fat pockets will be reduced in size and the body will appear more contoured. It is a safe and very effective way to remove fat without having surgery. Get the results of fat dissolving injections without the use of needles.

What should I do before and after treatment?

The treatment area must be kept clean and dry after treatment, whilst the skin heels. Normal activities can resume quickly. The client must drink plenty of water and follow a healthy diet. 


One session is £140 per area, except the chin/neck which is only £95. We offer 2 areas at £200. Courses are also available at a discounted price if you want to book multiple sessions.