What is it?

DermaPlaning is a skin treatment that uses an exfoliating blade to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) from the face. It gives the face a radiant more youthful appearance and also creates flawless makeup application. 

What to expect?

This is a relaxing, pain free treatment with no down time. 

Who can be treated?

Anyone over 16 can be treated providing they are in good health. We cant treat skin with infections or high grade active acne. 

How often is the treatment required?

1 treatment is all that is needed to see incredible results. However, your skin cell turnover is 4 weeks so we recommend regular treatments to continue the removal of dead cells. Vellus hair will grow back at the same rate which varies for each individual. It will not grow back darker or courser. 

Benefits of the treatment

A brighter complexion

Improved skin tone and texture.

Flawless makeup application.

The appearance of fine lines will be reduced.

Deeper product penetration.

Reduced appearance of acne scars. 

Instant results, no down time.

What should I do before and after 


Your skin may be slightly more sensitive than normal so you must use UV protection and keep the skin clean and dry for 48hrs. 


Standard DermaPlaning Facial - Cleanse, dermaplane, tone and moisturise.   £40

Deluxe DermaPlaning Facial - Double cleanse, dermaplane, hyaluronic face mask for ten minutes, toner and finished with an application of beauty oil.   £55